How It Works

Your physical address may change, but your logical address remains the same everyone receives the updates


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Registration is free for both individual, businesses and corporate entities.

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Obtain Your Logical Address

You will get a Logical Address when you set up you addresses. Indivial accounts via the mobile app, Businesses can set up their business information via the web. In both cases we would send you a post card


Enter Verification Code

A post card would be sent to you, enter the verification code

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Where to use Logical Address

See the benefits of having a Logical Address

  • Receive postal mails, purchases from e-commerce websites to your doorstep
  • Your friends, banks, school gets an up-to-date contact information
  • Incase of any emergency, you can be found
  • Free visibility for your business
  • Anyone can reach you anytime anywhere

Who is on Logical Address

We are logically connecting the communities